About Marriage Counseling

Occasional disagreements are common to all relationships.  Sometimes though, relationships can get off track and have a hard time getting back on track.

When the relationship gets off track, some couples argue, while others avoid conflict of any kind.  More often, one spouse will want to talk things out, while the other one prefers to forgive, forget, or just move on.

Improving Communication

The marital tension is usually less often about the topics of your arguments. Rather, the two of you are likely no longer sending clear messages about what you need from your partner in the relationship. Past hurts lead to frustration, and the frustration leads to more arguments and defensiveness.

Repairing Emotional Connections

In marriage counseling, your therapist will help you return to sending your partner clear, emotionally-safe messages about what you need from them in the relationship.

Your therapist uses the Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy approach developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Many research studies, as well as our own experience treating couples, have shown this model to be very effective.  We look forward to helping the two of you get back to feeling emotionally connected to each other.

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