ADHD (Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can offer significant challenges. The person with ADHD may overschedule themselves, procrastinate tasks until nagged, lose track of time, misplace needed items, forget details of important conversations, or get so caught up in a personal interest that they forget to spend time with their spouse or partner. Those symptoms usually bring a certain amount of anxiety to their lives. The problem is not so much about whether the person can pay attention to something, as much as it is about whether the person can keep track of things and follow through on doing the less exciting, daily tasks of life. Russell Barkley, a research psychologist and ADHD expert, has even said that he would change the name from ADHD to Motivational Deficit Disorder.

Treatments are available and can help you improve your quality of life. We can help you manage your time more effectively, approach tasks in ADHD-friendly ways, improve your social relationships, and better appreciate the strengths you have to offer. Please know that stimulant medication often serves an essential role in managing symptoms, and you will likely learn the skills we teach much faster if you take medication. See your physician about medication. With your permission, we are happy to consult with your physician should he or she need documentation of your ADHD diagnosis. Know that we also provide counseling and coaching if you prefer not to take medication.