About Depression

Depression affects about 10 percent of the population each year.  Clinical depression lasts 2 weeks or longer and involves not only sad mood but also decreased enjoyment of normal activities. Motivation and self-esteem also suffer. There may also be physical symptoms such as changes in appetite, weight, sleep, energy level, and ability to focus. The person who is depressed may also wish that they could just disappear or drop out of life.


If you or someone you love struggles with depression, know that there are effective treatments available. We use cognitive-behavioral therapy, an approach that is supported by decades of research. You will learn both mental and behavioral coping skills to help you manage your symptoms and regain a sense of hope. Your therapist will help you reconnect with the things that are important in your life and help you commit to take action toward a more meaningful life.

If you decide you want medication as part of your treatment, we will refer you to your physician who can assist you with that request.